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How do I make him realize why he loves me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year and a half, It seems like he's getting bored with me. He says he's not that he's just stressed. I still am madly in love with him but it's hard when I feel like I'm not wanted. He never wants to cuddle and very rarely shows affection. What is a way I can make him fall in love with me all over again or spice our relationship up a little bit? What can I do to help our relationship? How do I make him realize why he loves me?
Sometimes the threat of losing someone makes people realize what they have and makes them realize that they don't want to lose it. It's happened to me before just like i'm sure its happened to alot of people. Sometimes you forget what you want even though it's staring you right in the face, So to speak

How can you make a man fall in love you?

There's this man whom i just hear about but havent seen. I feel that i love him. He's a friend to my girl friend whom i stay with. He seems he has guts to see me and so I am. I have this strong feeling that he'll find me attractive and something will happen between us cos he asks much about me. How can we know each other and make him fall in love with me? My friend works at a certain club and he goes there oftenly after work but gosh at that time I find myself at work and he doesn't visit us coz during the weekends he's always busy. What can I do?How can you make a man fall in love you?
Um... ok...

a little weird, you haven't even met the guy and you are plotting to get him to fall in love with you...

Start by meeting him. From there, it's all about the chemistry. You can't make someone fall in love if your not compatible. But you'll know alot more about your compatibility once you meet him.How can you make a man fall in love you?
be yourself...dishonesty is a sign of weakness.
you cant MAKE a person fall for you
either find a way to meet him or keep in in your dreams....... and as for making him fall in love with you ?? no such thing... either he will or he wont...... there is NO remote control to a heart..... God bless
You can't force anyone to fall in love with you. It has to be naturally there already in order for it to happen.
just be yourself, dont pretend to be something you are not...maybe you can call him and ask him out, if he really likes you he'll find some time for you...
You cant MAKE anyone fall in love with you. How do you love someone that you dont even know??? Why would you pursue such nonsense? Please get a REAL life and give up your fantasy.
You cant make some one fall in love with you...If he was really interested he would make time to see you...I would look for someone else...
you can't make anybody fall in love with you especially if you have never even talk or seen that person. Arreange a meeting through your friend first and then go from there.
it sounds like ur head over heels with the wrong guy.

men that go to clubs dont exactly look for 'love'

good luck
You cant make ANYONE “fall in love” with you.... If its meant to be it will happen, there has to be a natural connection.. Sure you could make a big facade to make someone fall in love with you. But as time goes on it will fade away an nothing will have been gained.. Just be yourself and if it was meant to be it will an if not there are plenty of other fish in the sea.... :)
go to the club but were somthing flashy and were a skirt or a flashy dress in a tank top with speggity straps on a cold day and bretend your cold and mabey her will notic you and let you borrow his jacet.
just go and talk to him! sit together and talk. u're gonna know what to do next. Maybe u wont find him interesting anymore, maybe u will.. so then u can persue what u really want. But to say i want him to love you, well, that a little bit soon now..
the first thing that you could do is start talking with some sence....because you can't make someone fall in love with you.
you really want to make a guy fall in love with you when you only 'feel' that you love him? Is that really fair to the guy when you're not 100% sure that you're in love with him? I think you should first step away from the idea of making a man love you or you'll be spending too much time making tactics than actually getting to know who this person really is. Then, you can get a group together to go out to your friend's club or somewhere that people can get together and talk (I like hookah!). From there you can get to talk to him and still be among friends if you run out of things to say. You can also start getting acquainted with the idea of whether you really love him or not. If things go well, you can either ask him out for a one on one date sometime in the future or wait to see if he'll make the move. (Most guys like to work for their mate)
what u can do is snap back to reality. u sound a bit insane. Go out there and meet someone the normal way...PLS!
Leave a note on his car window saying '; If you are interested as i am then call me'; give him your number and be sure to leave your name. I promise he will call you within 48hrs....After that if it is meant to be it will.. good luck : )
Yes, you can!!

But for that you'll have to become the woman of his dreams and its quite painful and sometimes impossible to extract all information about his desires and transform yourself into one like that.!! Also theres a risk you might loose yourself completely and afterwards he might not be interested in you. Worst of both worlds!!!

If possible try contacting witches from the medieval times... maybe they can help you transform in short term.

As for long term,

Try having a decent and pleasant relationship with him ... show him your feelings gradually over time .. and if his response is positive according to you then you may go ahead ...

Learn more about him ... and try adjusting to his good desires and make yourself better (like academics, attributes etc).... this way even if in case you fail in this relationship, you wont regret coz you gained something in your personality and youre better choice for someone else..

And besides , he'll also like the changes in you and would love to spend more time with you..

Be serious about this relationship only when you see him making good changes in himself according to you ... Love is always a Give and Take relationship ... Seriously!!

By all means, be very careful and firm on ';physically-going-too-far'; in a relationship. I assume you live away from your parents. Hence, be responsible towards their dreams too.. And if you will, then in future they'll also understand your feelings for this guy... and everything will be merrier!!

All the best!!
Going to your friend's club,and see him.You cant love him without meeting him.

make him a great impression about you.Dressing your best beautifull clothers when you meet him,asking much about him so that you can understand him um...about what he intersting in,or some else.

Dont talk about your bad habit.

Give him your charming smiles.


you can ask your roommate something about him.

And the important thing is : you are always yourself!

Good luck!
finding ur self in love is 1 thing

u r in love is 2nd thing

lovin a person whom u have not seen ......strange

it is just an attraction....i may say cauz ur frnd told u only his +ve things

better u stop thinkin cauz dis wil trouble ur mind.

actually wen u come 2 no dat person face 2 face his reality will shock u

be coool him .....n den decide

do tell me wat hppned

How can you make someone who's fallen out of love fall back in love?

One of my best friends was told by my boyfriend of eleven months that he wants to break up with me. He just doesn't feel it anymore. He said he's been thinking about this for a while. How long has he not loved me? How long have I been lied to? I love him so much and I just can't bear to lose him. The thought of being without him makes me feel like the world has no purpose for me anymore and I really feel like life is over. He's been distant sometimes, but otherwise he's acted the same. The other day he snapped at me briefly, but by the end of the day he was alright again. He's acting like he normally does, so I don't know when he'll break up with me. Is there a way I can make him fall in love with me again? Don't read that wrong; I don't want to force him to love me. I want to see if there's things I can do that will make him remember why he loved me in the first place and change his mind. I've been trying so hard lately to make our relationship better but he keeps pushing me away...I've tried talking to him but he doesn't reciprocate...I just can't let this die. It sounds bleak, but I can't. Please, please help me.How can you make someone who's fallen out of love fall back in love?
The world without him will NEVER make your life is really over! He doesn't deserve your love. Don't waste your energy on him. I know that at first that it's really so hard to lose the one that you really love, then eventually it'll get better. It just take a lot of time. He's not the only guy breathing in this world. You deserve someone better than him.How can you make someone who's fallen out of love fall back in love?
well im going through the same thing and honestly i feel your pain trying to make something work when the other person doesn't put their effort. All i can say is im just gonna let things go for me honestly m done with how i have to make it work when the other person doesn't want what i want. However you and i may think differently. I am just telling you not to waste your time any more young and we got quite a few years to meet the right guy.
you shouldnt consider yourself as being lied is simply that he doesnt feel the same for you like before and maybe he was trying to keep things as it was that is why he didnt say anything ..and now he think that it is over that is why he is thinking about breaking up .. so he is not cheating..that is what he felt and that is what he will do lying here ...there is two possibilities in here .. the first one is that he really doesnt feel anything for you anymore then you can not do anything and it is really over .. the 2nd thing is that still deep inside feel the love and the care for you but he is bored with the relation and feeling very down which usually happens between two person after a while in a relationship.. now what you have to do now is to change a little bit about yourself .. you dont want to always be negative and nag about what is wrong with your relation and what you should do to make it better and keep on talkin and talking to him about it .. because this will push him away instead of making it bette r.. you should try to remember why in the begining he falled in love with you .. what is in you that attracted him in the first place..try to have more fun with him .. make him feel more fun when you are together .. less naggy .. less serious sometimes .. and try to get a little bit distant from him so he can misses you more .. dont be always around and always available .. even after 11 months .. you should try to make him fall in love again .. when it comes to love .. it is not like you fall in love once and it lasts forever .. you have to always make him fall again and again .. i hope it works for you ..

i want to add ... that it is really worth trying and fighting for our love and eveyrhitng .. but if it doesnt work .. it's not that there is no reason for life without him .. maybe it was the wrong reason .. and you will find the right after..

How do I make a guy fall in love with me?

I'm in love. I know I am. He is the one. I've waited my whole life to meet this guy. But I'm so nervous around him.. I just basically ignore him when he's around. I act like I'm not interested. HELP.How do I make a guy fall in love with me?
You aren't in love. :P You just have a MAJOR crush. You have to get over your fear of being nervous. Once you do that, start a small conversation with him. Like if he's in one of your classes, ask ';Hey. Do you get the homework?'; If he answers yes then go on and say ';Okay well cool. Can you explain to me how to do this during lunch?'; If he says he doesn't get it, say ';Aww. Well that's okay'; and think of something else to say to him. Next time he's around, don't act like you're not interested, smile and give an eye contact to each other. You can always talk to him about anything that goes on in school or where ever you guys basically see eachother.How do I make a guy fall in love with me?
This happened to me a couple times but just try your hardest to stop ignoring him, trust me this way you can talk more and get to know each other more. Don't be scared of rejection because you could be missing out on something great.

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I'm exactly the same with girls I like - just remind yourself that there's every chance he likes you and HE's too shy to tell you, just like you are. You'd be surprised just how often that happens, seriously
hah ignoring him will lead you nowhere

How can i make him fall for me?

there's this guy in my class that has caught my attention lately. Hes nice to me and flirts with me a lot but the only problem here is that he's a total jerk and he cheated on his gf like 19 times. I think the only way he can be loyal to a girl is by being in love with her. Hes a nice guy and i feel that deep down inside he can be a gd person but he jst needs a bit of help. Do you think if i make him fall in love with me he'll be loyal and a bit better with ppl n all this? I rly want to help him n make him fall in love with me.. How can i show him that i should be the one for him, that im there for him and all this? How do i keep in touch with him for the summer when we're not that close? How do i make him fall in love with me?How can i make him fall for me?
I can't understand why you want someone who is ';a total jerk and he cheated on his gf like 19 times'; to be with you. Don't you realise that if he cheated on her like that, he will cheat on you too! Obviously you think he wasn't in love with her, since you say ';I think the only way he can be loyal to a girl is by being in love with her.'; But what makes you think he will be any more in love with you than with his ex? He sounds like a player and guys like that tend to make cheating more of a lifestyle than a habit. You can't ';make'; him fall for you and if I were you, I'd be glad. Unless you really enjoy crying and being messed around, that is.How can i make him fall for me?
He's flirting with you cause he wants to sleep with you. If he's cheated on his GF like 19 times, Im sure he would cheat on you too. He's trouble and I would stay away. I know you already have your mind made up though so.
I've been there. There is no way you can change someone. They have to want to. That person should show that they are willing to change. Sounds to me that you are only putting yourself up for heartbrake.
Dear, Why would you bother ! I have been on the recieving end of two cheaters and trust me you don';t want to go there.
You can't make someone fall in love with you. I've tried - it doesn't work. This guy sounds like a guy that I went to school with. He flirted with me and claimed to like me and even gave me my first kiss - but he was such a liar. In private, he was sweet. In public, he denied our ';relationship';. This guy just needs to grow up. And if he's cheated on his gf before, what makes you think he wouldn't do that to you? Don't get involved with this guy. He sounds like a loser, and you probably don't want that.
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  • How can I make a Player fall in love with me?

    So theres this guy and everyone knows him as a player, and he always use girls for one thing which is sex. And now he has moved on to me but i dont want to have sex with him i want him to really fall inlove with me so then everyone will be in shock. Help please %26lt;3How can I make a Player fall in love with me?
    theres a reason they are called players. how they operate is by using girls like you who either love them or want ppl 2 know she was the one who tamed the player. But it never works. Thats why players are still around. Bc they PLAY girls, use them for what they want, and move on. you'll be the same, no matter how much you want differently. theres no magic recipe that makes a player fall in love with you.How can I make a Player fall in love with me?
    You can't make a player fall in love with you, he's a douche bag and a loser, just forget about him

    How to i make this 1 guy fall in love w/ me?

    well i am in 8th grade i am inlove with this 1 guy. we used to go out but we broke up because we never really hung out or talked. but now we are talking more and i like him alot more now. but i am not sure if he likes me. i always catch him staring at me when i am walking in the hallways at school. is that a good sign? please give me some tips to help me make him fall in love w/ me. thank you america!How to i make this 1 guy fall in love w/ me?
    well, the person answering this qns (me) is nt a american instead is a singaporean... haha...

    Well, it's gd that he is actually stealing peeks at u, it goes to show that u r attracting his attention.. :)

    Try 2 spend mre time with him n talk more until u cant get enough of it..

    But try to spend lonely times with him n nt always in a big group... That'll work... n ya, try askin him out, like goin 2 e movies n stuff like that.. i m pretty sure, it'll work..

    TC babe%26lt;%26lt;How to i make this 1 guy fall in love w/ me?
    You can't really 'make' someone fall in love with you, but if you two did go out already, that must mean that you have some kind of connection. Just take things slow, don't rush it. Become really good friends for a while and don't worry about the relationship untill he takes charge. If you're only in the 8th grade, you've got plenty of time for the two of you to form something together. Like I said before, just take it slow and I'm sure if it's ment to be, something will form soon.

    Good luck :]